AMIC is the industrial consortium that offers wisconsin manufacturers the materials research, equipment and talent they need to innovate and grow their business.

The Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium gives commercial partners the opportunity to collaborate with students and faculty in advanced materials research across the UW–Madison campus. The consortium facilitates interactions through:

  • Annual Meeting and Facilities Days Open House events
  • B2B networking opportunities
    Structured networking opportunities at our events to connect with faculty in your area of interest, students/postdocs with skills in your area, colleagues in complementary fields that may have already solved your problem or can help you find  solution, or staff that help you with instrumentation or help you navigate the university’s resources and policies!
  • Early access to student and postdoctoral researchers
    AMIC events showcase the work of UW Madison student and postdoctoral researchers and give you opportunities to talk in detail about their skills and expertise. This allows targeted recruitment or consulting opportunities in a broad spectrum of areas.
  • Facilitated access to shared instrumentation
    Do you know about the board spectrum of instrumentation available for public use at UW Madison? If you don’t have the expertise, we can train you or help you with the measurement. If you aren’t sure of what  you want or need, please contact us and talk about your needs and we will point you in the right direction.
  • Sponsored research and facilities use agreements
    If you ready to explore deeper research opportunities for product/process development/optimization, exploratory materials research/informatics or some combination, talk to us and we can help you find a niche that suits your requirements.
  • Industrial Fellow Program
    Would you like to work closely with faculty, students and postdocs in a faculty lab on campus? Industrial Fellows work in an area where both the University and the company derives clear benefits from this close interaction.
  • Consulting opportunities
    Networking at our events will lead to deeper discussions about faculty/postdoc/student consulting opportunities if that fits your constraints at the moment.  Talk to us about how to take advantage of these opportunities.

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  • 2021 Annual Meeting

    We would like to thank all of those who attended and we hope that we can be back as an in-person event next year. Thank you Silatronix, Microscopy Innovations, Persis Metallurgical Technologies, Platypus, and Amcor for participating in our Member Company Showcase. One of the goals of this meeting is to promote networking and, while the virtual format is not ideal, these excellent presentations gave us a brief look into your companies.

  • Rui Liu, a postdoc in Dr. Paul Evans' lab at UW-Madison was one of two awardees of AMIC Seed funding for 2021.

    Investigating a Replacement for Oil-Based Plastics and Taking Computer Simulations to the Next Level are Focus of 2021 AMIC Seed Projects

    Understanding how the crystal structure of a new polyester material affects its usefulness as a replacement for a common oil-based plastic will be the focus of a new research project recently selected for funding. A second project selected in this round will develop never-before-accomplished 3D simulations of an optical materials characterization technique known as random lasing. Both of these projects have been selected for funding in 2021 by the University of Wisconsin Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC) as part of the organization’s seed program and will be supported with in-kind contributions from partnering companies.

  • DLC coated drill

    Call for Student-Industry Seed Proposals Funded by AMIC for 2021

    The UW AMIC is soliciting proposals for short-term, collaborative research projects that address a current or anticipated need in advanced materials and/or manufacturing. This year’s theme is on materials science and data.

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The Regional Materials & Manufacturing Network (RM2N) 2020 Symposium was held on January 21, 2020 at UW–Parkside. In addition to networking and student interaction, there were discussions on how industry can tap into senior capstone and other student project opportunities.  Questions? Contact conference organizer William Parker at


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