About AMIC

The Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC) is the industry outreach arm of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), which is one of the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research centers. The AMIC is a MRSEC-led group of industrial and academic members created to leverage the broad spectrum of materials science resources and capabilities in the region by:

  1. Promoting communication and synergies between academic and industrial materials researchers and technologists
  2. Facilitating access to research personnel and infrastructure (equipment) to tackle important materials-related challenges
  3. Enhancing student experiences with industry for professional development and facilitating the recruitment of a strong and diverse regional network of materials researchers

With opportunities for industry-university collaborations and student projects, AMIC member companies can leverage exploratory developments, evaluate future employees, and work with faculty to optimize processes and product features. Please contact us for more information!