Membership Advantages

Membership Agreement

Companies joining the consortium:

  1. Influence research directions with faculty. The Grainger Institute for Engineering is actively looking to create new industry-academic teams and networks of experts and partners to pursue large federal grants.
  2. Identify potential future employees through early and sustained contact with talented students. Why not just go through career services? Going through the AMIC connects you with faculty and staff who can recommend top undergraduate and graduate students, who you can then follow and evaluate.
  3. Receive access to campus instrumentation facilities. Don’t know if we have the capability? Ask us and let us ask our peers instead of you randomly poking around. If you’d rather poke around, here are a few good starting points:

And receive:

  • Information on related and cutting-edge research
  • Stimulating research opportunities with in-house staff
  • Assistance in navigating campus and IP resources

In addition, member companies can participate in the following:

Technical Review Session
Come to UW-Madison and present your materials research challenges in a private meeting with selected faculty members to discover synergies and find consultants.

AMIC Seed Programs
Provide project ideas for short-term collaborative projects (pre-competitive) done with a small group of students / postdocs advised by a UW-Madison faculty member. This exciting new program strives to find commonalities between industry needs and academic expertise. Learn more.

Industrial Fellows Program
Companies with consortium membership may send one Fellow per year as part of their membership fees. While in residence at the university, an industrial employee works closely with faculty and students to complete a research project. If desired, the results may be reported at the annual meeting.

Annual Meetings
At these meetings, each research program gives formal oral presentations on its work during the past year. A poster session and reception and dinner offers the opportunity for informal interactions and discussions about on-going or potential new projects. The meeting may also include special topic workshops.

Industrial Advisory Board
The Industrial Advisory Board meets during the annual meetings and may meet at other times at the request of the UW AMIC directors. Company representatives give feedback on research emphases, project choices, and long-term directions as well as the effectiveness of the consortium and its management.

Special Project Research
Industrial Partners may fund directed research and negotiate for licensing the intellectual property. Please contact one of the co-directors for further details.

Membership Agreement