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The UW AMIC is under the administration of the MRSEC of the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and its activities are conducted under the supervision of the UW AMIC Director, Xiujuan Jane Zhang.

UW AMIC membership is renewed annually.  AMIC maintains funds obtained from membership fees in a segregated account until they are used for the various activities of the UW AMIC, including, but not limited to: purchase of necessary supplies and equipment; defraying of travel and other necessary expenses; expenses for conducting conferences, workshops and seminars; costs of development and mailing of publications; support for staff, graduate research assistants and/or faculty; and to employ other competent workers to carry on the UW AMIC activities.

The UW AMIC reserves the right to use the company name and contact information in promotional material, grant applications, and related reporting documents or reports as required.

Company Size
Membership Fees
20% Facilities Discount Add-on
Large Company (>500 employees) $10,000 $5,000
Medium Company (100-500 employees) $3,500 $1,500
Small Company (10-100 employees) $1,000 $500
Startup Company (<10 employees) $350 $150

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