2010 Annual Meeting

UWAMIC Annual Meeting Agenda

October 6th & 7th 2010

Engineering Center Building – Auditorium and Lobby

Note: Wireless access is available



Wednesday, October 6

 6:00 PM Informal Reception & Poster Session  Lobby
 Thursday, October 7
 7:30 AM  Continental Breakfast  Lobby
 8:00 AM  College of Engineering Welcome Research Dean


 8:10 AM  Nanoscale Science & Engineering (NSEC) Highlights  Paul Nealey
 8:35 AM Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) Highlights  Paul Nealey
 9:00 AM  Nanotechnology Research in Japan (20 minute overviews).

Prof. T. Fujigaya – Carbon Nanotube Chromatography

Prof. Y. Arima – Cell Adhesion Using Self-Assembled Monolayers

Prof. A. Ohnuma – Systhesis and assembly of Eccentric Hybrid Colloidal Particles

 10:00 AM Break/Poster Session  Lobby
 10:30 AM Transferrable Semiconductor Nanomembranes and Their Applications in Electronics, Optoelectronics and Photonics  Jack Ma
 11:00 AM  Dislocation-Driven Nanomaterial Growth: Nanowire Trees, Nanotubes, and Their Potential Applications in Solar Energy Conversion  Song Jin
 11:30 AM Toward Bio-Responsivene Materials Using Nano-Scale Protein Conformational Changes Bill Murphy
 12:00 PM  Lunch/Student Poster Session  Lobby
 PM Sessions-Track 1 Japanese Visitors  1045 ECB
 1:30 PM  Lab Tours  As Arranged
 2:00 PM  Informal Meetings with Faculty  As Arranged
 2:30 PM  Wrap Up Session  1045 ECB
 2:45 PM  Depart for Airport