2017 AMIC meeting

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2017 AMIC poster award winners



Bradley C. Dallin and Reid C. Van Lehn, “Molecular Fluctuations in Nonpolar Monolayers Reduce Hydrophobic Interactions”


Léo Borrel* and Adrien Couet, “Modeling Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys Fuel Cladding During Loss-of-Coolant Accident (LOCA)


Benjamin Afflerbach*, Tam Mayeshiba, Ryan Jacobs, Wei Li, Henry Wu, and Dane Morgan, “Standardized Machine Learning Software to Enable Rapid Iteration of Materials Science Research”


Sachin Muley, Debaditya Chatterjee, Felix Lu and Paul Voyles, “Effect of Elevated Deposition Temperatures On MIcrostructure and Mechanical Properties in Sputtered Metallic Glass Thin Films”

Yajin Chen,* M. Humed Yusuf, Yingxin Guan, RB Jacobson, M. G. Lagally, Susan E. Babcock, Thomas F. Kuech, and Paul G. Evans, “Distinct nucleation and growth kinetics of amorphous SrTiO3 on (001) SrTiO3 and SiO2/Si: A step towards new architectures

Yajin Chen,* M. Humed Yusuf, Susan E. Babcock, Thomas F. Kuech, and Paul G. Evans, “Fabrication of epitaxial ScAlMgO4 on sapphire using solid phase epitaxy

J. A. Tilka, Y. Chen, Y. Ahn, A. Pateras, T. F. Kuech, S. E. Babcock, M. V. Holt, D.
Paskiewicz, D. Fong, P. G. Evans*
, “Unraveling Lateral Epitaxy in Perovskites: Crystallization of Stronium Titanate from Stronium Ruthenate Seed Crystals

Yingxin Guan*, Guangfu Luo, Kamran Forghani, Dane Morgan, Susan Babcock, Luke Mawst and Thomas F. Kuech, “Metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy for quaternary narrow bandgap semiconductors and the alloy thermodynamic stability analysis”

Susan Babcock, Chang-Beom Eom, Mark Eriksson, Paul Evans,* Thomas Kuech,* Irena Knezevic, Max Lagally, J.R. Schmidt, and Charles Winter, “Order from Disorder: Approaches for New Thin-Film Oxides

Coogan Thompson*, Benjamin Chen and Manos Mavrikakis, “Formic Acid Decomposition On Au17-19 Nanoclusters”

Alejandra Castellanos*, and Pavana Prabhakar, “Repeated Impact Response of Woven Carbon Composites at Arctic Temperatures”

Kushal Bagchi *, Ankit Gujral, Chengbin Huang, Lian Yu, M.D Ediger, “Molecular packing and morphology of vapor deposited Alq3 glasses: role of fabrication conditions”

Xin Wang, “Bioinspired Hierarchical Design of Chiral Mesoscale Liquid Crystalline Assemblies”

Young-Ki Kim,Programmed Anisotropic Fluids to Trigger
the Release of Microcargo and Optical Signals in Response to Targeted Events

Hector Fuster, “Research in Soft Materials”

Tim Smith, “Influence of Self-Assembling Redox Mediators on Charge Transfer