AMIC lunch seminar with TSMC a big success!

Hello AMIC!

Turner William, a UW-Madison College of Engineering Alum and Lithography Process Engineer from TSMC, virtually presented from Taiwan at our Lunch with Industry Seminar this Wednesday. Forty-five participants joined us in person and online, more than thirty of whom were students. 

TSMC is a semiconductor foundry that produces a wide array of silicon technology and currently operates in Taiwan, China, and the United States. The company invented the “foundry model,” where chip designers save costs by contracting out their manufacturing to a separate company. TSMC produces the most advanced chips in the world and supports this with >$10B in research spending. Their research areas include lithography scaling, 2.5/3D packaging integration, process sustainability, interconnect and transistor materials, and more.

Turner lighted our moods up after the cold rainy weather with a personal story, “After adjusting to my new home in Taiwan, I experienced a scale five magnitude earthquake. My knees ended up feeling like jelly, and then we needed to caliber all the equipment for operating!” He also described his average day as a TSMC engineer and how young professionals were allowed to operate these priceless instruments and machinery. Specifically, Turner highlighted that the love of semiconductors, networking, problem-solving skills, and patience are critical to succeed at TSMC. According to Turner, Mandarin speaking can be a significant advantage for those who wish to work for TSMC, which is currently building a fabrication center in Arizona with countless job openings in electrical, chemical, materials engineering, and more. Please visit the website and connect with Turner for more information.

We thank the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at UW-Madison for sponsoring this inaugural seminar series and our AMIC community members who contributed to this inaugural seminar series. Please visit our event calendar for an updated schedule, and hope to see you next Wednesday with Amcor. Lots of food will be provided!