Greetings from the New AMIC Director

Greetings! Today marks my first day as the director of our AMIC community and research services engagement manager at the Corporate Relations Office in the College of Engineering (CoE) at UW-Madison. I am really looking …

Investigating a Replacement for Oil-Based Plastics and Taking Computer Simulations to the Next Level are Focus of 2021 AMIC Seed Projects

Understanding how the crystal structure of a new polyester material affects its usefulness as a replacement for a common oil-based plastic will be the focus of a new research project recently selected for funding. A second project selected in this round will develop never-before-accomplished 3D simulations of an optical materials characterization technique known as random lasing. Both of these projects have been selected for funding in 2021 by the University of Wisconsin Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC) as part of the organization’s seed program and will be supported with in-kind contributions from partnering companies.

Collaborative Research Project Tackles Interesting Questions While Putting Graduate Student’s Project Management Skills to Work

Working together, University of Wisconsin graduate student, Sachin Muley, and engineers from NCD Technologies have determined optimal recipes for a carbon coating for an industrial application while also furthering research in this area. The 10-month project set out to understand and optimize mechanical properties in amorphous carbon coatings that NCD uses for industrial applications. A paper based on this research is currently in development.

Morasch Takes on AMIC Director Position

Dr. Julie Morasch has joined AMIC as its new Director. Julie brings with her deep experience in nanoscale imaging and mechanical analysis as well as a breadth of understanding of industrial applications. Additionally, she is very knowledgeable of the resources available across the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus and the UW system, more broadly.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 AMIC Seed Program

Graduate students Yang Liao and Shu-Ching Yang, advised by Prof. Xuejun Pan. “Fabrication of a Novel Functionalized Meso-porous Material from Cellulose and Biomass for Heavy Metal Ion and Formaldehyde Gas Adsorption.” Graduate student Zhaoning (April) Yu and undergraduate Nolan Urbanek, advised by Prof. Mikhail Katz. “Thermal Camouflage Using an Array of Temperature-controlled Tiles.” Dissertator Dr. Mehrdad Arjmand, advised by Prof. Max Lagally. “Silicon-Germanium-Graphene Heterostructure, a Novel Framework for Transistors.”