Automat Solutions, Inc. and NorthStar Presented at this week’s AMIC Lunch Seminar!

This week’s AMIC lunch seminar highlighted two companies: Automat Solutions, Inc., a silicon-based high-tech startup, and our AMIC member NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC. 

Automat Solutions focuses on developing high-performance battery products using a transformative approach that combines machine learning and robotic high-throughput experimentation. Leon Wang, the CEO/CTO and a domain expert on electrolyte and electrochemical materials, joined us online, explaining the development of electrolytes and the machine learning/robotics workflow to our attendees. The company’s patent-publishing R&D team has successfully developed several key battery products for the auto industry and sold them to a few customers. According to Leon’s financial projection, the company expects to be profitable in two years and enjoy fast growth in the next few years due to the battery “seller’s market” trend.

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, a Wisconsin-based company, provides radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic cancer treatment and is the only commercial U.S. producer of molybdenum-99. Maggie Snyder, our UW-Madison COE graduate from the Chemical Engineering department, currently works as a chemical process engineer at Northstar. Dr. Dan DeVries is Northstar’s medical radioisotope product development director. Dan also conducts his R&D projects using our UWNR facility. Maggie and Dan described the Mo-99 life cycle, the company’s facility with super powerful accelerators for its cutting-edge products. We learned from them that radiopharmaceuticals target cancer cells more accurately and leave healthy cells intact during the therapy, rendering it a far more effective cancer treatment than chemotherapy. In addition, Dan also shared that Northstar has dozens of job posting for various engineering positions.  

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC became our AMIC member last year, benefiting close collaborations with UW faculty members. And we invited Dan and Maggie to host a table at our Annual Meeting on March 22. The event is free for those interested in attending, but registration is required. So REGISTER TODAY via this link for a jam-packed day of insightful talks on Artificial Intelligence, facilitated networking, and comforting food!

Thank you to everyone who contributed during this mid-term exam week! Specifically, we appreciate the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for sponsoring this series. And please check out our events on the AMIC website, and see you at the next seminar lunch after the Spring Break!