UW CoE Alum Showcased Fulfilling Career at H.B. Fullers and its Adhesives!


Greeting AMIC!

Two UW-Madison Alumni from H.B. Fuller, Seth Valenziano, and Emily Brunner, spoke to over 50 students at this Tuesday’s AMIC lunch seminar! As a global leader in adhesives, sealants, and specialty chemical products, H.B. Fuller aims to enhance our everyday lives with more sustainable adhesives technology developed by excellent employees, including UW-Madison graduates. For example, Seth and Emily studied polymer engineering with Prof. Tim Olstad in our Mechanical Engineering department. Our seminar attendees learned from the lively co-presentation by Seth and Emily: 

  • About H.B. Fuller
  • Overview of adhesives
  • H.B. Fuller Applications/Markets
  • A focus on Hot Melt technology
  • Various Jobs @ HBF

H.B. Fuller produces over 10,000 different adhesive products, most of which can be used in diapers, feminine care items, packaging, and battery storage for the auto industry. Seth, a quality engineer, investigates customer feedback via a quality management system to ensure compliance with market requirements. And Emily, a technical specialist, is a bridging person who communicates customers’ needs to R&D and evaluates products. When asked about the most important thing about their role, Emily emphasized “communication,” and Seth, “customer services!”

According to Seth and Emily, H.B. Fuller provides various job roles in the adhesive industry, including sourcing, technical service, sales, and operations management. They both love to return to our campus to connect with more badgers via our career fair and events. As such, AMIC would like to facilitate a more strategic engagement plan between UWCoE and H.B. Fuller and has invited Seth and Emily to attend this year’s annual meeting, a jam-packed day of artificial intelligence talks, networking, and comforting food. For those who are interested, Please REGISTER TODAY via https://conta.cc/3KwgnT4!

We thank everyone who contributed, including our AMIC members, speakers, participants, and dedicated AMIC team! Specifically, we appreciate the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for sponsoring this series. Please check out our events on the AMIC website, and see you at the next seminar lunch!