Intraband Enjoyed Record-high Attendance at our AMIC Lunch with Industry!

Audience with Speaker

Greetings AMIC!

At this week’s AMIC Lunch with Industry Seminar, Dr. Rob Marsland, President of Intraband, LLC and our newest AMIC member, discussed his company’s R&D efforts in developing infrared semiconductor-laser products. Over 50 faculty, staff, and students learned about the technology, its applications, and the company’s deep collaboration with UW-Madison, where Intraband developed its new quantum-cascade laser technologies with excellent beam quality. As a co-founder in several high-tech semiconductor companies, Dr. Marsland is also responsible for Intraband’s commercialization efforts, looking up to AMIC to access our facilities and faculty expertise for prototyping laser fabrication and testing, as well as more targeted hiring of our graduate students.

AMIC can facilitate such needs because we enable our member companies to:

    1. Receive facilitated access to faculty and students
    2. Identify potential future employees through early and sustained contact with talented students
    3. Access instrumentation facilities on campus, such as the Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology (WCNT)
    4. Receive assistance in navigating campus and IP resources
    5. Participate in the following engagement activities:
      • AMIC Seed Programs
      • Industrial Fellows Programs
      • Annual Meetings: REGISTER TODAY via for a jam-packed day of Artificial Intelligence, insightful talks, networking, and comforting food!

Rob’s presentation not only shared valuable insights into the role of industry-academia collaborations in developing cutting-edge technologies and launching successful products to market. It also highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary expertise to advance the semiconductor industry for novel laser device design and fabrication. 

Due to the record-high attendance, we encountered another food shortage, planning to order more food or improve the process to ensure a greater seminar experience for all! Thank you who contributed, including our AMIC members, speakers, participants, and dedicated AMIC team! Specifically, we appreciate the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for sponsoring this series. And please check out our events on our AMIC website, and see you at the next seminar lunch!