Career Fairs Are Perfect Stages for AMIC Membership Growth!

Engineering Career Fair AMIC

Hello AMIC,

Engineering Career Fairs take place this week and the next: we had dozens of companies this Thursday and will have more than 100 participating next Monday!  

These on-campus events are excellent opportunities for us to stop by each table and introduce ourselves and AMIC to our prospective members. Many company recruiters, most of whom are alums, showed great interest in our AMIC membership and the corresponding benefits: 

  1. Receive facilitated access to faculty and students for research discussions, collaborative research, and consultant arrangements.
  2. Identify potential future employees through early and sustained contact with talented students. AMIC will help connect member companies with more students, faculty, and staff. 
  3. Access instrumentation facilities on campus, such as the Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology, which include Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center (NIAC), Nanoscale Fabrication Center (NFC), and Soft Materials Characterization Laboratory (SMCL).
  4. Receive:
    • Information on related and cutting-edge research
    • Stimulating research opportunities with in-house staff
    • Assistance in navigating campus and IP resources
  5. Participate in the following engagement activities:
    • AMIC Seed Programs
    • Industrial Fellows Programs
    • Annual Meetings

We are pleased to report that we gathered 20 engineering leadership contacts from some Materials Science & Engineering companies in Wisconsin and beyond. Some alums have already expressed their desire to return to campus more often! And this spring 2023 semester’s AMIC lunch seminar series with Industry and our 2023 AMIC annual meeting on Artificial Intelligence will be great gathering places for us to start the partnerships! Since many employers/alums are on LinkedIn, we encouraged them to follow up on our AMIC LinkedIn account more closely on those activities! 

Thanks to our student services colleagues at UW-Madison College of Engineering, who set up those perfect stages for AMIC membership growth. Please let us know if you are coming to our campus next Monday, and we look forward to seeing you then!