Calling for Capstone Project Sponsorship Opportunities!

Greeting AMIC, 

Have you ever wondered how other companies always get the most well-rounded students? Here is one secret: Sponsoring a capstone project and mentoring our student teams for a whole year! At UW-Madison College of Engineering, the one-year capstone projects offer a unique opportunity for our undergraduate students to showcase their engineering skills during their last year while helping sponsoring companies achieve their engineering objectives. Our sponsors range from small startups to large corporations, federal government agencies, and non-profit organizations. 

By becoming a client of the capstone project, companies can gain numerous benefits, including:

  • Close interaction with students
  • Access to potential future employees
  • Exposure of students to your company’s brand, products, and services
  • Opportunities to receive input on specific projects suggested by your company

Many sponsors have had real problems solved by capstone project teams at very low cost, and a sponsoring company owns all the intellectual properties discovered. However, engineering managers must contribute their in-kind resources to mentor the student teams for the project’s success! 

We are actively recruiting capstone project sponsors throughout May for the projects to start in September. If interested, please email our AMIC director Xiujuan Jane Zhang ( She will connect you with our teaching faculty members from the Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering departments, and other departments at our UW-Madison College of Engineering.