AMIC Spring 2023 Lunch Seminar Series Caught the Wave with Fincantieri!

Suppose you are a seasoned traveler new to Wisconsin. In that case, we highly recommend door county for its magnificent lake shores, where you might catch three shipyards owned by Fincantieri, a multi-national shipbuilding giant. This week marked the last seminar of our AMIC spring 2023 lunch seminar series; over 60 attendees learned cutting-edge shipbuilding technologies from Dr. Gabriele Librandi, the University & Research Institute manager at Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG).   

Dr. Librandi provided a comprehensive overview of ship construction, emphasizing its time-consuming, budget-spending, technology-demanding aspects. Specifically, he talked about:

  • His career path and current role 
  • Industrial approach to naval design
  • The technology focuses on ship construction 
  • FMG’s job opportunities 

FMG strategically acquired three shipyards in Wisconsin, namely Fincantieri Marinette Marine, Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding, and Fincantieri ACE Marine. Due to its technology focus on structural materials, sensing technologies, artificial intelligence, and cyber security, our engineering students of all specializations can find satisfying careers within the company. In addition, students with project management skills and the art of persuasion are highly sought after by FMG. If you have a brilliant mind and passion for envisioning the future of vessels, please connect with Dr. Librandi or our AMIC director.  

Dr. Librandi also oversees relationships with universities to incorporate the latest research in shipbuilding technologies. Our university researchers are encouraged to connect with UW-Madison’s Office of Business Engagement executive director John Garnetti and Dr. Russ Johnson, director of UW College of Engineering Office of Corporate Relations, who can facilitate further discussions about potential research collaborations.   

Thank you to everyone who contributed, including our speakers, participants, the AMIC team, and media specialist Adam Shulte! Specifically, we appreciate the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for sponsoring this series. We wish you smooth study and final exam weeks, and follow us on our AMIC website and Linkedin for future seminar series!