Welcoming New and Renewing AMIC Members

Another Wisconsin high-tech company, NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC, has joined the AMIC community. NorthStar produces Mo-99 in its facilities and provides the product, RadioGenix, to nuclear pharmacies in the US, where radiopharmacists use it to separate Tc-99m and deliver patient doses to hospitals. NorthStar currently has one set of IBA TT300- HE Rhodotron accelerators in Beloit (with another on order) to create select radioisotopes using photonuclear reactions. They are also working to produce Cu‑67 and Actinium-225 soon.

NorthStar has a partnership with the UW to utilize their radiation laboratories and NorthStar researchers often use the neutron activation analysis (NAA) capabilities. The company currently has about 30 open positions including nuclear engineers, metallurgists, process chemists, and many other types of engineering, it welcomes students of other majors to apply as appropriate.

Meanwhile, AMIC welcomes several returning members including Flexcompute, NCD technologies, and CTI consulting. Thank you for your continuous partnership!