AMIC’s Participation in MMIC!

Hello AMIC!

We did not have AMIC Lunch with Industry seminar this week due to our participation in the fall 2022 Midwest Materials Innovation Consortium (MMIC) conference, a two-day event hosted by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) on UW-Madison campus and in the city of Madison, WI.

Before the event, MMIC member Caterpillar was treated with an extensive tour covering the following centers and labs based on their areas of interest:  

  • Wisconsin Structures and Material Testing Laboratory
  • Alloy Design & Development Laboratory
  • Engine Research Center
  • Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center
  • High-Duty Battery Research
  • Thevamaran Lab

During the event, regional industrial partners, university researchers, and corporate relations managers met to promote materials science & engineering advances and facilitate commercialization. Besides the rich presentations given by our faculty members in Materials Sciences and Engineering field, conference attendees also learned about the exciting journeys of several UW-Madison faculty startups.   

Prof. Izabela Szlufarska, the Materials Science & Engineering department chair, presented our talented students, collaborative faculty research undertakings, shared facilities available for industrial use, our Office of Corporate Relations as the gateway to our college, and of course, AMIC. Specifically, Izabela shared our best-kept secret: A materials and engineering company can join the AMIC community at a reasonably priced membership due. Then its engineers can enjoy a 20% discount to utilize our shared facility, become UW-Madison honorary fellows to access the vast UW-Madison library system, collaborate with our faculty members, and many other AMIC benefits. As a result, several industrial partners have already expressed interest in speaking in future AMIC Lunch seminar sessions! 

We will resume AMIC’s Lunch with Industry next week, looking forward to listening to our long-term AMIC member NCD technologies