Happy Thanksgiving from the AMIC Team!

Hello AMIC! 

Happy Thanksgiving! As many count their blessings during the holiday, we are pleased to recount our efforts for strong synergies between our industry partners like you and our Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC).

As you may have noticed, we have successfully established a good branding process via our redesigned website and social media account. Our website highlights regular events to engage with AMIC members, and subsequent timely posts showcase the participants. Meanwhile, we push our website content to our LinkedIn page to raise AMIC’s digital brand awareness. So please join us to grow the AMIC community and advance public-private partnerships that embody the Wisconsin Idea. 

Judged by the AMIC members, students, faculty, and staff, our inaugural AMIC Lunch with Industry Seminar series has been immensely successful due to informative topics complemented by comforting food. So far, we’ve had eight Lunch with Industry Seminars with nearly 500 participants, each of which has met the member’s needs to access student talents and research resources and has created valuable venues to build trustworthy collaborations. Looking ahead, we plan on locating a larger venue to accommodate more participants and allow more opportunities for AMIC members to present. 

MRSEC/AMIC has initiated graduate student and postdoc-led projects sponsored by AMIC membership dues for several years. Graduate student PIs, overseen by their faculty and guided by the AMIC member company’s engineering lead, would conduct research projects to resolve specific engineering challenges and develop themselves professionally. Congratulations to Dr. Maryam Zahedian and NCD Technologies for being this year’s AMIC Seed Project winning team!  

Also, we are proud to welcome Dewitt LLP and United International Education Foundation to the AMIC family, bringing the total number of members to 18 today! Aligning with our college’s strategic goals for research, education, and industrial partnerships, AMIC plans to maintain the best practices to grow our community continuously.

We thank you for being a valuable member of our AMIC community and wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Please visit our event calendar for an updated schedule, and see you next time!