Greetings from the New AMIC Director


Today marks my first day as the director of our AMIC community and research services engagement manager at the Corporate Relations Office in the College of Engineering (CoE) at UW-Madison. I am really looking forward to leading all the existing and facilitating new interactions with industry partners like you as it relates to research services offered by the CoE.

I have had broad experience working with scientists, researchers, or external partners throughout my professional journey. After my graduation from CoE at UW-Madison in 2000, I became a process engineer in the semiconductor materials research division of Agilent Technologies based in Silicon Valley. Collaborating with R&D scientists, I designed and built a data warehouse to store wafer test data for scientists to improve the semiconductor materials growth yield and process optimization. Upon returning to Wisconsin in 2006, I continued to work with researchers in the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene where I built electronic reporting systems and conducted data analysis for environmental and clinical research projects.

It was at the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) that I began to fully grasp the importance of external relations to the University. They are critical to research collaborations, student placements, and the Wisconsin Idea as a whole!

I have coordinated a team of five IT developers to build a CRM system that meets WSB’s Leads & Admissions as well as External Relations needs. I also managed WSB’s professional MBA redesign initiative so that the hybrid curriculum can attract more busy professionals to WSB, making its educational resources more accessible to people in Wisconsin and beyond. I am grateful for my experiences at WSB. There I was able to recruit industry sponsors, build student consultant teams, and mentor students as they worked side-by-side with industry partners on real-world projects.

My new role in CoE brings me back to my home discipline in engineering and provides an opportunity to engage with industry partners, and to make CoE’s research resources more accessible to you all. I look forward to learning from you and leveraging various skills acquired through my professional journey to serve you in the years to come!
Thank you, and On, Wisconsin!