Greetings from the Director of Corporate Relations for UW-Madison College of Engineering

Russ Johnson

Hello AMIC.

As the Director of the Office of Corporate Relations within the College of Engineering (CoE), I am thrilled to be a part of the UW-Madison and AMIC community.

Before starting at UW-Madison almost 9 months ago, I spent 25 years in the industry focusing on medical product strategy and development and came to appreciate the value of working with universities. University researchers with deep subject matter expertise and unique perspectives were a great source of innovative solutions; however, establishing these partnerships was often challenging, e.g. IP barriers, communication, and timing. Taking on the Corporate Relations position at UW-Madison CoE has allowed me to bridge some of the gaps existing between industry and academia.  Furthermore, I was excited to move to the vibrant Madison area, to which I was exposed as my son was pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at UW-Madison.

I continue to be amazed by the incredible talent and capabilities of the faculty, staff, and students at UW-Madison. Almost every day I discover something new about the ground-breaking research taking place on campus. This is especially true in the field of materials science, where cross-disciplinary teams at UW-Madison have assembled some of the world’s most extensive and advanced resources and initiatives that accelerate materials discovery and design. Having earned my doctorate in MS&E, I get particularly energized when companies want to partner in this area.

Please connect with us if you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to engage with AMIC and the UW-Madison CoE. More information about AMIC, our vision for industry partnerships, and our state-of-art facility can be found on these websites:

Together Forward!