AMIC website redesign is now complete!

We are very happy to share that AMIC website has undergone substantial makeovers with new content and engaging features!

  • We welcome all UW-Madison students to join the AMIC ambassadors’ group by applying through the AMIC Interest Form!
  • Membership menu now focuses on advantages/agreement with button links to our state-of-the-art facilities sites, and input form, making it easy for industrial partners to learn and join.
  • We like to showcase our member companies’ logos with one dedicated Members menu.
  • Research menu has an “Active Research Projects” sub-menu for faculty and members to share their research projects and subject areas for potential collaborations.
  • Events menu now consists of Seminars, Events and Annual meetings. Please do not miss our brand-new fall 2022 AMIC seminars! We still have a few spots for outstanding speakers!
  • Posts are devoted to highlight news about our members, faculty, and students, which are also shared on our AMIC LinkedIn page for a broader audience.  Your interactions with our LinkedIn Page post have helped us establish an online presence, so thank you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!