AMIC Lunch Seminar with NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes!

Greetings AMIC,

We are honored to have Dr. John Brown present at our Lunch with Industry Seminar this Wednesday. John is a Supervisor of the Radiochemistry and Analytical Laboratories at NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC.  

NorthStar produces Mo-99 in its facilities and provides the product, RadioGenix, to nuclear pharmacies in the US, where radio pharmacists use it to separate Tc99m and deliver patient doses to hospitals. The company has one set of IBA TT300- HE Rhodotron accelerators in Beloit (with another on order) to create select radioisotopes using photonuclear reactions. They are also working to produce Cu-67 and Actinium-225 in the near future. NorthStar has a partnership with UW-Madison College of Engineering to utilize our radiation laboratories. In addition, NorthStar researchers often use our neutron activation analysis (NAA) capabilities. As a leading provider of Mo-99 in the nation, the company has about 30 open positions, including nuclear engineers, metallurgists, process chemists, and countless others.

Our engaging hybrid seminar attracted in-person and online participants with diverse backgrounds, providing an authentic industry participation experience for AMIC members, faculty, and students. As a result, one of our faculty members in nuclear engineering is interested in bringing his case to visit NorthStar.

We thank the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center for sponsoring this inaugural seminar series! Please visit our event calendar often for an updated schedule, and be sure to join us next time!