UW AMIC September NewsLetter!

ASM engineers

Greeting AMIC!

I am so glad to have met many of you during the engineering career fair event! The event was well attended, and I engaged with 85 industrial partners, most of whom hire materials science and engineering students, expressing interest in our AMIC community!

Unfortunately, our engineering research building flooded after the career fair, so I will have to postpone the AMIC “Lunch with Industry Seminar Series” to the later semester, which means that you still have a chance to sign up for a speaker spot if interested.

Our current membership cycle has already started on 9/1/2023. For those of you who have renewed, thank you! And for those of you who are busy, we understand, but please renew your membership ASAP to enjoy the many benefits provided to our members.  Our new Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center just started last Friday. We wish for more collaborative industrial research projects and plan to share more research in progress with the AMIC community.

AMIC Member Advantages

  • Targeted student recruitment
  • Access to cutting-edge research
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Reduced rates at Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology (WCNT)
  • Facilitated engagement with UW–Madison

Besides my calls for signing up for the AMIC lunch seminars and renewing your company’s AMIC membership, I also want to update you with a few important items:


New to the Wisconsin MRSEC, we are excited to showcase our new Interdisciplinary research group (IRG2) led by Jason Kawasaki and Uwe Bergmann for Nonequilibrium Magnetic Phases in Strained Crystalline Membranes. If your company has related products or services, don’t hesitate to contact us for future collaborative opportunities!

AMIC Seed Project Accomplished

In collaboration with NCD Technologies, our MRSEC postdoc researcher Maryam Zahedian and her research team have explored the correlation between surface energy and deposition conditions in Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings. This research project aimed to uncover the underlying reasons behind the variations in surface properties, which will empower the team to better customize DLC coatings for various industrial needs. AMIC is the proud sponsor of this research project,  and if you have any questions, please contact me, Maryam Zahedian, or NCD Technologies’ CEO, Patrick Heaney.

New AMIC Members

SixLine Semiconductor, Inc. SixLine Semiconductor (“SixLine”) is commercializing breakthroughs in carbon nanotube processing to unlock the next generation of high-performance, cost-effective semiconductor devices.

COnovate commercializes a novel carbon-based nanomaterial that is the world’s only form of solid carbon monoxide (CO)—offering cost-competitive scalability and the opportunity for seamless adoption as a battery anode material and, ultimately, many other applications.

AMIC supported both high-tech startups by assisting their access to the WCNT shared facilities and individual faculty labs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, greatly exemplifying the Wisconsin Idea!

As always, stay tuned on our AMIC website and follow us on LinkedIn!

Xiujuan Jane Zhang