Ninjas Printing Inc. has just joined our AMIC community! 

Hello AMIC,

I am pleased to share that another Wisconsin high-tech startup company, Ninjas Printing Inc., has joined our AMIC community!  The company was founded by Dr. Xiaolei Shi earlier this year with its office located at 1956 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202.

Focusing on advanced manufacturing and new materials development, Ninjas Printing Inc. is an explorer in additive manufacturing (AM) that brings Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) technologies in AM processes using multitype advanced materials with customizable performance. Its cutting-edge EHD process and hardware ensure reliable printing performance with extreme conditions such as vibrations, accelerations, and gravitational changes. These explorations enable innovations, including on-site AM, electronics repair, hydrodynamics studies, and AM in space. The company plans to license the technologies UW faculty developed in 3D printing, soft materials, etc.

Additionally, I have been busy engaging with industrial partners during the four-day career fair this week! Several materials science and engineering companies including Kimberly-Clark,  Evco Plastics, MetalTek, and Evonik have expressed interest in our AMIC community for deeper collaborations with our MRSEC center and beyond!  I will follow up with them and keep you updated!

Xiujuan Jane Zhang