Wisconsin MRSEC Funded by NSF for $18 Million!

Greetings AMIC!

We are excited, honored, and proud to announce that the Wisconsin MRSEC has been selected for funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF)! The research themes of the center will be:

  • IRG 1: Mobility in Liquids and Glasses, co-led by Izabela Szlufarska and Paul Voyles, will combine in situ experiments, simulations, and machine learning to understand and control how atoms and molecules move in supercooled liquids and glasses.
  • IRG 2: Nonequilibrium Magnetic Phases in Strained Crystalline Membranes, co-led by Jason Kawasaki and Uwe Bergmann, will develop new forms of switchable magnetism using strain applied to ultrathin, atomically perfect membranes of van der Waals, intermetallic, and oxide materials.

You can find more information about the NSF announcement and UW-Madison College of Engineering news release. Our Wisconsin MRSEC Center will continue to engage with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big corporations through AMIC to create novel materials that can solve significant challenges and enable the industries of tomorrow.

Your AMIC membership and collaboration with UW-Madison’s College of Engineering were highlighted in our grant proposal. To express our gratitude, we will continue to promote broad industrial participation in materials research at all levels. Besides our Fall 2023 AMIC Lunch Seminar opportunities, please look for a new fellowship program announcement in the fall! 

Together Forward!